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Make Use of UCLA's Tutorial Services

Referring students to one of UCLA’s tutorial centers is an excellent way for them to have a thoughtful conversation about writing and can relieve you of being their only source of consultation. Recommending a tutor is especially useful if you want a student to work on expression or a particular stage of the writing process. The primary campus resources are listed below:

  • Covel Tutorials Composition Lab and the Covel Tutorials ESL Tutoring Lab Academics in the Commons offers free student-support services through workshops, peer advising, and peer learning sessions, to help students develop success strategies at UCLA. Student-led workshops cover various topics in academic enhancement, personal development, and career exploration. Peer mentoring is available for incoming student through the Peer Advising Network (PAN) and the Academic Adivising Assitance Desk is available for all UCLA undergraduates, Monday through Thursday afternoons throughout the academic year. At Covel Peer Learning Labs, Peer Learning Facilitators offer assistance in introductory math and science classes for currently-enrolled undergraduates, as well as in General Education and lower-division courses for student-athletes. Session sign-ups take place at the beginning of each quarter and additional drop-in assistance is availabe in the evening on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, call 310-825-1379
  • Academic Advancement Program (AAP) Tutorial Services offers free tutoring to AAP students in 1214 Campbell Hall. Students are eligible for AAP “if their academic profiles and personal backgrounds may impact their university experience and their retention and graduation from UCLA” (AAP website). You can encourage your AAP students to reach their Humanities tutor at 310-825-8060.
  • The Athletic Department provides peer tutoring for many of its athletes. The tutor may meet with you individually.


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