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Comments at the End of the Paper

  • Begin by addressing the student by name and acknowledging what the piece has succeeded in doing, even if you only recognize what it has attempted to accomplish.
  • Refer to the notes you’ve made in the margins as concrete examples of the principle global and local issues you’re discussing in your end note. --Make concrete suggestions for improvement.
  • Think of your student’s writing skills as evolving through the quarter. Make suggestions clear for what they should work on either in the revision or in the next assignment. (To this end, you may want your students to reflect on their writing once they’ve completed the assignment to raise their awareness of themselves as developing writers. You could have them write a paragraph in class, for instance, that discusses the strengths and limitations of their response to the assignment, or how the peer review process helped them.)
  • You may want to recommend that they see you or a campus tutor for more clarification or assistance (see Make use of UCLA’s tutorial services).


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