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Summary and Resources

One way to elicit good writing from your students is to break down the assignment into the steps necessary to complete it. Ensuring that they move through the assignment in stages will enable them to construct a thoughtful response (and discourage student tendencies to tackle the assignment the night before!). Showing them examples of the kind of writing you’re anticipating will facilitate their own constructions.

Resources, Material, (and lots) of handouts for Preparing Students to Write

Global writing issues


Local writing issues

Additional Reading for Preparing Students to Write

  • Jeanne Fahnestock and Marie Secor, “The Stases in Scientific and Literary Argument,” Teaching Argument in the Composition Course: Background Readings, Timothy Barnett, ed. (Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s) 2002.
  • Toby E. Fulwiler,”Journal Writing Across the Curriculum,” How to Handle the Paper Load: Classroom Practices in Teaching English 1979-1980, Gene Stanford, ed. (Urbana IL: NCTE) 1979.


Okay. You’ve thoroughly prepared your students to complete their assignment successfully, and now you have that dreaded stack of papers on your desk. What now? Read on for how to get through that pile with style and speed.


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