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Step 2

Your goal is to help your students identify how the writers’ conceptions of religion are linked.

Possible methods:


  • Demonstrate to your class the ways texts can be primarily linked by referring to course material:
    • by comparison--how one work parallels another
    • by contrast--how one work differs from another
    • by example--how one work offers an example of a concept present in the other
    • by cause and effect--how one work enables you to explain ideas in another*


Then either:

  • In Class: Select passages emblematic of each author’s position on religion; assign one author to pairs of students to read and discuss; then group together pairs dealing with different authors, and ask groups of pairs to determine the relationship between the two views of religion; debrief as a class and have them submit group findings


  • A Homework: Assign students homework to write a typed paragraph exploring the connection between two writers; ask students to share these connections at the beginning of the next class meeting; have them submit paragraphs


* Adapted from Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen, Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (New York: Longman) 1997.


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