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Welcome to teach2write

If you’re a TA, you ARE a writing teacher.


No matter what subject you’re teaching at UCLA, you’re also teaching some kind of writing to your students. it may be an essay, a lab report, or an abstract. But chances are, you haven’t had much training in how to teach these forms of writing. Your training can begin here.

Like writing itself, teaching writing is also a process. 

     teach2write will

      • help you analyze each stage of your students’ writing process
      • help you develop teaching strategies for any assignment
      • help you design pre-writing activities
      • help you respond effectively to student writing
      • provide you with lots of good handouts

You’ll save time and even money—you won’t need that case of Diet Coke to get you through a stack of papers—if you spend a few minutes learning how to teach writing effectively. By clarifying assignments, preparing your students to write, and providing useful feedback on their work, you can enable your students to produce their best work.

This guide will show you how.

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